Frequently asked questions about sailing aboard Lady Patty

If my plans change, can I get a refund?

No. There will be NO REFUNDS for schedule changes on your part of any kind. If you notify us early enough to fill your seats we may be able to offer you a rain-check for a future date but that will be entirely at our discretion.

What’s the weather policy?

In the event of overcast skies, cooler temps or even light rain we ask that our guests dress appropriately and we enjoy a wonderful sail. If the Captain deems the conditions to be unsafe or truly miserable then he will cancel the trip and provide options for reschedule, a rain check or a refund, depending on the situation.

How early should I arrive for a charter? 

Fifteen minute will give us plenty of time to load you and your stuff on board.

What should I bring?

I recommend bringing sunglasses, brimmed hats, sunscreen, bottled water, snacks and your camera. We have some room for coolers but small or soft coolers are most easily stowed. You should also dress appropriately for the weather, especially during the cooler times of the season. I always wear more layers than I think I will need. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and…well, you know the rest.

Do you have a bathroom on board?

While we do have a head (boat potty) on board, we encourage our guests to use the facilities at the dock prior to us getting underway. The head on Lady Patty is clean, private and functional but rather small and weird by most people’s standards.

Can I bring beer, wine or drinks?

Our Maryland Liquor License prohibits people from bringing their own alcoholic beverages. We offer a nice list of craft beers, wine and a short list of featured cocktails at reasonable prices. Of course we also sell water and soft drinks but feel free to bring your own. Cheers!

What is an appropriate tip for the 1st Mate?

10-20% is a customary tip for mates on the Chesapeake Bay. If he or she takes excellent care of you show them love. College isn’t cheap and the Captain is pretty hard on ’em.

What will I see?

In addition to our lovely, old sailboat you will see other boats of all types, beautiful waterfront homes and restaurants, islands, lighthouses (at a distance) and the wide-open expanses of the Chesapeake Bay. Some wildlife that you might see could include osprey, bald eagles, surface feeding fish, cow-nosed rays and if you’re lucky a pod of harbor porpoise.

Where will we go? 

We are located in a perfect spot for our purposes. 90% of the time we motor for five minutes through Knapps Narrows out onto the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Once clear of the channel, we hoist up to 1100 square feet of sail and go. Our course, speed and amount of heel or lean of the boat depend entirely on the direction and strength of the wind. In the event of conditions being a bit on the heavier side, we have the option to sail in what’s called the Choptank River basin. The basin is 7 miles across and includes the mouths of five rivers and creeks. It provides us with all of the wind but shelter from most of the sea action and there for a more smooth and comfortable sail.  If you are prone to seasickness or prefer a calmer trip please let us know when you arrive. We want to provide our guests with an experience that they will remember fondly.

Do you do charters for just me and mine?

Yes. (see Private Charters page for details)

Are there shaded areas on board while underway?

There is no awning, cover or cabin to provide shade but once the sails are up, there are usually shady areas in the seating area or on deck. That shade will move around as we sail the boat so you might have to move around with it. If strong, direct sun is an issue for you please consider the morning or evening times to join us. It can be pretty hot at mid-day in the summertime. In the event of extreme heat we usually cancel the 1-3 trip for that reason. We want our guests to enjoy their trip, not succumb to heat stroke.

Can we jump in and swim from the boat?

No. Our insurance does not allow for guests to enter the water at anytime.

Will I be seasick?

I hope not but occasionally we have people who are prone to motion sickness feel a bit queasy or, in worst cases even sick. If you are prone to this you should take whatever precautions or remedies that have worked for you in the past. It’s not common but  if the weather includes higher winds (15+ MPH) and the seas are lumpy it can happen.

What happens if it rains?

If rain is in the forecast, please dress accordingly. If it rains lightly we go sailing.

On the other hand, if the Captain deems the conditions to be unsafe or truly miserable we cancel the charter. We would then discuss whether a reschedule, rain check or refund is the best option.

How young is too young for children?

My kids grew up on and around boats. I think it’s a wonderful family activity but you will have to make that call for yourself.

We have had very small babies on board and as long as Mom(s) and/or Dad(s) are comfortable with it, I am too. Our child life jackets are the big offshore type. Kids don’t usually like wearing them so if you have one that they are used to, please bring it. It usually makes for happier kids which makes for happier parents and crew, too.

That being said, please only bring children that you will be responsible for the entire time underway. There is no childcare provided during the charter.

Is Lady Patty safe and comfortable for people with physical disabilities?

Yes, if they possess the ability to climb a few stairs either alone or with help. We have had people with a wide range of challenges sail with us. If our guest’s mobility has been questionable the Captain and First Mate have assisted in their boarding the vessel. We usually offer for those guests to join the Captain in the cockpit where there is more secure seating. Feel free to contact the Captain to discuss any specific needs prior to booking a trip.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question(s) please call 410.886.1127 or email me at jeff@ladypatty.com. I’d be glad to answer your questions and discuss how we can make your trip awesome!