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Chesapeake Bay sailing at it’s best!!! Lady Patty 9/26 -9/30 Schedule

To check for availability or to purchase tickets on line check out our booking agent ZERVE or call ZERVE at 1.800.979.3370

Wednesday 9/26 – Sunday 9/30

  • Morning Sail 10am-12pm
  • Afternoon Sail 1pm-3pm
  • Champagne Sunset Sail 5:30pm-7:30pm

Hi all,

As you may know, Lady Patty is not a light wind boat, which is one of the reasons that we love this time of year so much. The wind has been steady and brisk and the air temps are perfect to pull on a sweatshirt and go for a sail!

Join us this week to experience the thrill and elegance of sailing aboard a classic sailing yacht on the wide open Chesapeake Bay.

We still have limited space on board for The Great Chesapeake Bay SchoonerRace on October 11th. Check out our booking agent for reservations.

Thanks for making us the highest rated of “Things To Do” for Talbot County on TripAdvisor!!!



Lady Patty at the 2009 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race

Hi all,

As the 11th of October gets nearer I can’t help but think about my  first trip up for the start of the race aboard Lady Patty. It was one of the wettest, coldest, windiest days of October and one of the funnest, fastest and most exhilarating sails of the season.

We heard from our guests the night before the trip and they were having some serious doubts about whether the trip the next day was going to be fun. We normally don’t cancel reservations for in climate weather unless the forecast is danger-bad, which usually only happens when T-storms and lightning are imminent. However, in this case my guests we nervous and I certainly don’t want to lose friends over a crummy day on the water so we agreed to postpone their sail. I understand that a brisk two-hour sail in a slight drizzle can still be fun. I also realize that a all-day trip in driving rain and chilly temps sucks if you don’t have the appropriate foul weather gear. Hell, it can suck either way.

We had nothing better to do on race day so PJ and I packed a lunch, loaded up the camera kit and headed out for the race. It was a wet slog up the bay into 15-18K of sustained wind with rain but we had fun anyway.
Once we reached the Bay Bridge the schooners were staging for the start. After chewing up some film(yes, actual film) we noticed the Pride of Baltimore II making her way down from Baltimore. We headed North to get up close for some pics. I absolutely love the sight of a classic ship under sail and it made the day worth while to me.

The wind was still sporty, the seas we building and we were motor-sailing just enough off the wind to keep her sails from luffing until we were just ahead of the PoB2 when we fell off on a port reach and a parallel course to her’s.

PoB2 was still under limited sail and we were holding our own for a minute until POP, a stay sail snapped up, POP another piece of dacron, then another and another. You’ll notice I quit referring to them by name because I don’t know them all.

Either way, with each new sail set she accelerated a bit more. Soon we were being overtaken on our fastest point of sail so I started the motor and started throttling up. After a minute I realized that we were wide open and still being run down. By this time the ship had her full set of sails up and had sped up to an impressive turn of speed. She slid past us like we were dragging an anchor and the sound of the water on her hull was awesome!

We were not in the race and by the starting gun were well behind the PoB2 but it seemed to us that she hit the starting line with full sail at full speed and was off to about as good of a start as a boat could hope for.
We sailed along with some of the smaller schooners but never again saw anything but the ass-end of the black hulled clipper from Baltimore. Me saying it was impressive doesn’t quite do it justice. I was blown away by the speed of that two-hundred year old design. No wonder the British blockades were at a loss to stop those ships. The Baltimore Clipper truly shaped the outcome of the war and helped to cement the United States as a country.

That short encounter with the Pride of Baltimore II made the entire day of shivering at the helm and eating wet p,b&j worth while and a memory that I revisit often.



…and the sailing just keeps getting better.

To check for availability or to purchase tickets on line check out our booking agent ZERVEor callZERVEat 1.800.979.3370


Welcome to ladypatty.com. This week we are enjoying some of the best sailing weather 2012 has had to offer and this weekend will be no exception.

Due to the earlier sunsets we are now offering our Champagne Sunset Sail from 5:30-7:30 and have limited room on our Friday(9/21), Saturday(9/22) and Sunday(9/23) trips. We also have plenty of room on the earlier trips for all three of those days. 

Join us this week for a fresh-squeezed lime juice margarita aboard a classic sailing yacht on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and experience why we are the highest rated “Thing To Do” on Tripadvisorfor Talbot County.

Don’t forget to check out The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner RaceonThursday October 11th. Limited space is still available aboard Lady Patty for our race day charter.

Thanks again to all of our repeat and first time guests! We appreciate your business and hope you had a wonderful time!



..as seen from the decks of Lady Patty.


To check for availability or to purchase tickets on line check out our booking agent ZERVE or call ZERVE at 1.800.979.3370

Hello all,

The weather has taken a turn for the AWESOME and the sailing couldn’t be better! The WX forecast for Tilghman Island is sunny and in the 70s for the next 10 days!!!

We are still sailing from 10am-12pm, 1-3pm and 6pm-8pm for another week but the sun is setting earlier every day that goes by. On Wednesday September 19th the Sunset Sail time will move up by thirty minutes to 5:30 and  will depart at that time for the rest of the month.

The month of October is one of my favorite times on the Bay and also has some of funnest events of the year!

10/11 Check out the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race at www.schoonerrace.org  Info and tickets for our special race day charter are available at Zerve.com.

10/20 Come celebrate small-town, Chesapeake Bay life  at Tilghman Day. The festival will include live music, auctions, great food, work boat docking contest and my personal favorite, the work boat races. Lady Patty will offer a morning trip prior to the festivities then will close for the day so we can support the Volunteer Fire Department, too!

We look forward to seeing you aboard Lady Patty.