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The Lady Patty is a charter sailing yacht departing from Tilghman Island, Mayland for the beautiful Chesapeake Bay

Perfect weather for sailing on the Chesapeake Bay! Departing three times daily from Tilghman Island, near St Michaels, Oxford & Easton on MD’s Eastern Shore

Mizzen sail at sunset from the deck of the classic charter yacht Lady Patty near Tilghman Island on the Chesapeake BayHello travelers,

The forecast calls for perfect weather for sailing on the Chesapeake Bay! Departing three times daily from Tilghman Island, near St Michaels, Oxford & Easton on MD’s Eastern Shore, Lady Patty is available for two-hour public sails at the following times:

  • Morning Sail 10AM – 12PM
  • Afternoon Sail 1PM – 3PM
  • Champagne Sunset Sail 5PM – 7:15PM

While Thursday is blustery and wet, the remainder of the week looks absolutely perfect for a sail aboard the 1935 built Lady Patty. Check out the following schedule with weather and trip availability for the weekend:

Friday 9/26 – Sunny and clear, high of 73, wind from the Northeast at 8-10 knots, perfect!!! We have The sailing charter boat Lady Patty transitting Knapps Narrows under the drawbridge to Tilghman Island at sunset plenty of room on both the Afternoon Sail and the Champagne Sunset Sail…fresh-squeezed lime juice margarita for ya???

Saturday 9/27 – Sunny, high of 75, wind NE at 6-8 knots. We have 13 spots available on the Morning Sail, and a few spots left for the Champagne Sunset Sail but the Afternoon Sail is booked up. Reserve your spot soon while there are still tickets available!

Sunday 9/28 – Sunny, 76, winds light at 4-6 knots from the NE, enjoy a quiet Morning Sail and a Mimosa. 9 tickets available. Lady Patty will be closed for the remainder of the day.

20140922_134610Sarah, the First Mate will take excellent care of you while underway. She knows a lot of history about the Bay and the boat. She also is your hook up for bottled water, soft drinks, craft beer, wine and her awesome featured cocktails, all of which are available for purchase on board. Here is Sarah enjoying another amazing day at the office on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay! Can you tell she loves here job?

Join us for a sail during your visit to Talbot County and see why we have received all 5s on Tripadvisor! We love this stuff and we hope you will, too!


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Perfect weather for a sail aboard the classic Lady Patty

Lady Patty on a Chesapeake Bay Champagne Sunset Sail Hello travelers,

This weekend we have plenty of room on all of our two-hour sailing excursions and the forecast calls for perfect weather for a sail aboard the classic Lady Patty.

We will be sailing on the Bay at the following times”

  • Morning Sail 10AM – 12PM
  • Afternoon Sail 1PM – 3PM
  • Champagne Sunset Sail 5PM – 7:30PM

Check out the trip schedule and weather forecast below:rack card

  • Thursday 9/18 – Sunny and mild, high of 74, wind 2-5 and variable. We have plenty of room on all three trips. The weather is perfect for those looking for a quiet and relaxing sail.
  • Friday 9/19 – Sunny, high temp of 72, winds 10-12 from the East, perfect sailing breeze for LP but with very little sea action. Join us on any of the three times.
  • Saturday 9/20 – Sunny, 72, wind South at 5-10 knots, there is still some room on all three trips but they are going fast. Book soon!
  • Sunday 9/21 – Sunny, 76, wind from the Southeast at 5-7 knots. We will be offering our Mimosa Morning Sail from 10-12, plenty of room. Finish off your weekend with a gorgeous sail!

I hope you enjoy your time on the Eastern Shore and I hope to see you on board the classic yacht Lady Patty!


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This week aboard the classic yacht Lady Patty

IMG_0897smallHello travelers,

Once again, the mid-week looks questionable but Thursday through Saturday are forecast to be pretty awesome.

Here is what’s happening aboard the Lady Patty. After this week, Lady Patty will only be offering public charters from Thursday morning through Sunday morning. Call 410.886.1127 to discuss private charters for Monday – Wednesday.  Tickets for public charters can be purchased here.

Wednesday- Partly sunny, high of 82F winds South 10-15 knots. We have some room aboard out Champagne Sunset Sail from 6-8. 

Thursday-Partly cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm and a chance of rain. High of 88F. Winds from the SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%. The weather is iffy but if it clears up we will be offering our 6-8 Champagne Sunset Sail.

Friday-Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 75F. Breezy. Winds from the NW at 10 to 20 mph. Perfect breeze for Lady Patty. We will be offering our Afternoon Sail from 1-3 and the always popular Champagne Sunset Sail from 6-8.

Saturday-Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 68F. Winds from the NW at 10 to 15 mph. Bring a sweatshirt and join us for a perfect, early fall sail. This is my favorite time for sailing! We have room aboard our Morning Sail from 10-12 however the later two trips are private. There will not be public tickets available.

Sunday-We are not offering sails today. Sorry!

Thanks for checking us out. I hope you enjoy your visit to Tilghman Island.


Lady Patty, Out

Tilghman Island Seafood Festival Weekend

Hello travelers,

This Saturday(6/22) is the Seafood Fest. If you haven’t been..you should. It’s a great, small town festival with delicious seafood, local arts & crafts, live music and family fun.

Lady Patty will be offering two trips on Friday, three trips on Saturday and a morning sail on Sunday. You can book online through our ticketing agent ZERVE or by calling our office at  410.886.1127.

We sail at the following times:

The weather forecast for the weekend looks good for spending time outdoors. All winds will be from the South so temps will be moderate with humidity between 60 and 70%.

Friday, clear, 0% chance of precip. winds 7-10K from the South. Saturday, partly sunny, 0% chance of precip. winds – 4-8K from the South. Sunday, mostly cloudy, 0% chance of precip. winds 7-9K from the South.

We offer drink service on board the Lady Patty which includes bottled water, soft drinks, a great but ever changing list of craft beers, white wine by Lost Vinyards called Treehugger Organic Blanco, champagne, mimosas made with fresh squeezed clementine juice and our signature drink; the Sunset Gold Margarita made with premium tequila and fresh squeezed produce. As you can tell, we strive to offer the most natural, preservative free and organic offering that we can find.

Join us this weekend. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Lady Patty, Out

A rare treat…porpoises on the Chesapeake Bay!!

A pod of porpoises that we encountered on 6/17/13...AWESOME!!!

A pod of porpoises that we encountered on 6/17/13…AWESOME!!!

During yesterday’s 1 o’clock charter we had an amazing experience that I have to share.

After checking the radar with the 1st Mate then re-checking  with our guests we decided the T-storms were well to the North of Tilghman Island and that our charter was a “go” so we headed out on to the Chesapeake Bay for a two-hour sail with my oldest son, the 1st Mate Laura and a very cool family from NY.

We had a beautiful 8-10 knots of wind out of the South so we trimmed up for a comfortable beam reach and headed towards the other side.

After about 45 minutes under sail the skies darkened and it started to sprinkle but there was no sign of thunder or lightning so we did what sailors do and grabbed the jackets to continued on. It was almost comical how poor the weatherman’s forecast proved to be. Instead of scattered, light rain showers we were treated to torrential rains that socked the visibility in to almost nothing. Our guests were great sports about the buckets of water being dumped on our heads so we all laughed and enjoyed the sail.

After twenty minutes of downpour the rain slackened and no sooner had visibility increased my son Jack yelled “dolphins!!!”

We all spun around to see nothing but open water. I was just about to write it off as wishful thinking when a pod surfaced about 50 feet from our starboard quarter. As we all stood there and watched they came closer and at one point were maybe 20 feet from the Lady Patty. It was incredible!!!

There were at least fifteen and maybe as many as thirty of them and they moved back and forth through what I assume to be a bait fish buffet. While a few of them surfaced and clearly checked us out, we were not nearly as interesting as food. Slowly we ghosted away from the pod. It wasn’t until we started to separate from them that we all thought to pull out the cameras and smartphones. I knew if we turned and tried to get greedy with the encounter we would disperse the bait so we snapped a few pics from a distance and eased on about our business.

I have seen porpoises on the Bay maybe 3 or 4 times in my life and it was always only 2 or 3 at a time. This was by far my closest marine mammal encounter here on the Chesapeake and certainly the highest numbers of porpoise in a pod that I have ever seen. It was absolutely amazing and something Jack and I will talk about for a long time.

See, you never know what you might encounter on the Chesapeake Bay.


Lady Patty, Out