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Lady Patty on Tripadvisor





Hello travelers,

We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather that has made for some fantastic sailing and that seems to have resulted in some incredibly kind reviews on Tripadvisor so to all of our friends who reviewed us, thank you. Your kind words have made us the highest rated charter sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay!

We try to provide our guests with a personal and memorable experience and the recent reviews make me feel like we are doing something right. Again, thank you.

We are very excited about late summer sailing and if 2013 is like my previous years on the bay, it promises some perfect conditions for an old racing yacht like Lady Patty. As you may know, she is not a light air boat. She really starts to come alive as the wind blows and that’s what we can expect from our late summer and fall seasons.

We really appreciate our guests spending their time with us and hope we can continue to provide them with an “All 5s” sailing experience that they will remember for years to come.