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Early Spring Update from Lady Patty


Hello travelers,

Spring is coming my friends so hold on a little longer!

We will be finishing a pretty major deck job on the ol’ girl as the weather warms up so we probably won’t be open for charters until later in April.

We are excited about 2014 and believe it will be a banner year for Tilghman Island and Lady Patty. E-tickets are available now under the public sailing tab. You should start making your plans now to join us for a real sailing experience aboard an amazing old yacht out on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay!

I look forward to sailing with you.


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Shakedown sail this week then Lady Patty and I are ready for the season!

Hey friends,

The Spring has arrived and we are wrapping up the final preps to be ready for an awesome 2013. The only thing that remains is my solo shakedown sail on the fantastically beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

This has become a cherished ritual for me each spring. I look forward to spending many days underway with some super-cool people but before that happens I go it alone, just the old girl and me. I love the opportunity to listen to the boat-sounds, study the rig and dig the cool relationship a sailing vessel has with the world. There is so much going on with the wind, tide, waves, water, rigging, sails, hull and me. It’s really an incredible relationship. I sometimes get caught up in marketing, bookkeeping, maintaining the boat, managing the crew and watching the forecast and the reason I chose this life slips slightly from the forefront on my mind.

The annual spring shakedown lays it all out in clear and concise terms. I love this stuff! There is nowhere I would rather make my living than healed 35 degrees off normal with a rail in the water, rising and falling with the pulse of the elements, the yacht ensign popping in the breeze, the rush of water on the hull and the excitement of my guests getting their first taste or a welcome refresher of life at 8 knots on a 77 year old sailing yacht.

I still can’t believe I get paid for this!

I hope to see you all when I get back but for now, I have a date.



Join us for the 2nd Race ’round the Island….that’s Tilghman Island

Who: Sailors, race fans and anyone who enjoys a good party

What: It’s a fund raiser for The Tilghman Area Youth Association to finance one or more Optimist sailboats for our youth sailing program on the Island.

Where: Free dockage  at Tilghman on the Chesapeake Yacht Club. The race will start at either G1 or G3 of the river approach or the Bay approach to the Island, depending on the weather.

When: The TOCTC is generously offering free dockage on Friday 5/3 and on Race day 5/4. The captains meeting is at 10AM, the race starts at 11AM and the after-party is…well..after.

Why: Good boats, good people and a great cause!

How: You can register at raceroundtheisland.wordpress.com

There will be limited space aboard Lady Patty for race crew and aboard motor vessels for spectators.  Call 601.307.0398 to find out how to book your spot.

We hope to see you there.