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Summer is here on the Chesapeake Bay

Hello travelers,

The summer is in full swing and the sailing has been great!

This weekend is going to be typical for this time of year for temps and humidity but the wind is forecast to be a beautiful 10-15 knots from the Southwest. Lady Patty loves that kind of breeze. We should have some beautiful sails on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As usual for this time of year, there is a chance of T-storms this weekend but don’t let that deter your planning. We monitor the radar prior to and during our trips. We will gladly refund the price of your tickets should  a charter be canceled due to lightning and T-storms.

Laura & Emma, the 1st Mates have some wonderful offerings from the ship’s bar. We have bottled water, soft drinks, a great and ever changing list of beer, wine and cocktails for sale on board. Here is the current list:

Beer – Coors Light, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Oscar Blues Brewing Company’s Mama’s Little Yellow Pils (pilsner), Old Chub Scotch Ale, Dale’s Pale Ale and the Ten -Fidy Imperial Stout (10.5 abv, not for the feint of heart), Ozzy Belgian Ale by Brewer’s Art in Baltimore and Flying Dog Atlantic Lager of Frederick Maryland.

For wine we have a great Italian white wine from Lost Vinyards called Treehugger  Organic Bianco and a pinot noir from Cavet.

Our featured cocktails are our famous Sunset Gold Margaritas made with top shelf  tequila and fresh-squeezed lime and clementine juice. We are also serving a Dark & Stormy which is Gosling Bermuda Dark Rum and ginger beer.

To reserve your spot call the Captain at 410-886-1127 or go to our Public Sailing page. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Lady Patty, Out

Tilghman Island Seafood Festival Weekend

Hello travelers,

This Saturday(6/22) is the Seafood Fest. If you haven’t been..you should. It’s a great, small town festival with delicious seafood, local arts & crafts, live music and family fun.

Lady Patty will be offering two trips on Friday, three trips on Saturday and a morning sail on Sunday. You can book online through our ticketing agent ZERVE or by calling our office at  410.886.1127.

We sail at the following times:

The weather forecast for the weekend looks good for spending time outdoors. All winds will be from the South so temps will be moderate with humidity between 60 and 70%.

Friday, clear, 0% chance of precip. winds 7-10K from the South. Saturday, partly sunny, 0% chance of precip. winds – 4-8K from the South. Sunday, mostly cloudy, 0% chance of precip. winds 7-9K from the South.

We offer drink service on board the Lady Patty which includes bottled water, soft drinks, a great but ever changing list of craft beers, white wine by Lost Vinyards called Treehugger Organic Blanco, champagne, mimosas made with fresh squeezed clementine juice and our signature drink; the Sunset Gold Margarita made with premium tequila and fresh squeezed produce. As you can tell, we strive to offer the most natural, preservative free and organic offering that we can find.

Join us this weekend. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Lady Patty, Out

A rare treat…porpoises on the Chesapeake Bay!!

A pod of porpoises that we encountered on 6/17/13...AWESOME!!!

A pod of porpoises that we encountered on 6/17/13…AWESOME!!!

During yesterday’s 1 o’clock charter we had an amazing experience that I have to share.

After checking the radar with the 1st Mate then re-checking  with our guests we decided the T-storms were well to the North of Tilghman Island and that our charter was a “go” so we headed out on to the Chesapeake Bay for a two-hour sail with my oldest son, the 1st Mate Laura and a very cool family from NY.

We had a beautiful 8-10 knots of wind out of the South so we trimmed up for a comfortable beam reach and headed towards the other side.

After about 45 minutes under sail the skies darkened and it started to sprinkle but there was no sign of thunder or lightning so we did what sailors do and grabbed the jackets to continued on. It was almost comical how poor the weatherman’s forecast proved to be. Instead of scattered, light rain showers we were treated to torrential rains that socked the visibility in to almost nothing. Our guests were great sports about the buckets of water being dumped on our heads so we all laughed and enjoyed the sail.

After twenty minutes of downpour the rain slackened and no sooner had visibility increased my son Jack yelled “dolphins!!!”

We all spun around to see nothing but open water. I was just about to write it off as wishful thinking when a pod surfaced about 50 feet from our starboard quarter. As we all stood there and watched they came closer and at one point were maybe 20 feet from the Lady Patty. It was incredible!!!

There were at least fifteen and maybe as many as thirty of them and they moved back and forth through what I assume to be a bait fish buffet. While a few of them surfaced and clearly checked us out, we were not nearly as interesting as food. Slowly we ghosted away from the pod. It wasn’t until we started to separate from them that we all thought to pull out the cameras and smartphones. I knew if we turned and tried to get greedy with the encounter we would disperse the bait so we snapped a few pics from a distance and eased on about our business.

I have seen porpoises on the Bay maybe 3 or 4 times in my life and it was always only 2 or 3 at a time. This was by far my closest marine mammal encounter here on the Chesapeake and certainly the highest numbers of porpoise in a pod that I have ever seen. It was absolutely amazing and something Jack and I will talk about for a long time.

See, you never know what you might encounter on the Chesapeake Bay.


Lady Patty, Out

Complimentary Mimosas for Moms – Mother’s Day Weekend Sailing Schedule

Does your mother like sailing? Has she ever been sailing? This weekend is shaping up to have the perfect weather for a sailing charter on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

We are honoring our favorite ladies on their special weekend with mimosas aboard the classic yacht Lady Patty compliments of the Captain.

We are sailing from 1-3pm and 6-8pm on Saturday and from 10am-12pm on Mother’s Day.

There is still room on all of the weekend’s charters and for lunch and dinner next door at Mike & Eric’s Bay Hundred Restaurant. Call them at 410-886-2126 for restaurant reservations or 800-979-3370 for charter reservations.

Happy mother’s day….and cheers!

Lady Patty, Out


Thank you!

Front page coverage for our fundraising event

Front page coverage for our fundraising event

We, at Lady Patty Classic Yacht Charters are proud to have been a part of the 2nd Race ‘Round The Island last Saturday! While we didn’t win or even come close (last place actually) we certainly felt like winners.

We raised almost $1700 dollars for the Tilghman Area Youth Association’s youth sailing program. This modest sum would be put to good use by partially funding the purchase of Optimist sailboats, the perfect boat for a program such as ours.We feel great about that…but the best was yet to come.

After seeing the awesome front page article in the Star Democrat by writer and race crew-member Jennifer Allard we received a call from some very generous Talbot County residents offering us two pristine and fully equipped Optimists with dollys and rack. This amazing gesture exceeded my wildest dreams for our fundraiser. All I can say is thanks to those who helped set up the race/after-party, the racers who took part, the businesses who sponsored, Jennifer for her article and our amazing friends in Oxford for their gift. Thank you! Hopefully we can peak the interest of some of our youth to become the next generation of great, Talbot County sailors.


Lady Patty, Out

Yacht racing on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay

Hello all,

The socks are stowed in a box in the attic and the shorts are back in the drawer. This, my friends marks the beginning of race season for Lady Patty. I can’t think of a better way to start the season than to let the ol’ girl stretch her long legs in the way that she was intended.

So here it is…the first race of the year. The 2nd Race ’round the Island will take place on Saturday, May 4th on and around historic Tilghman Island. There is room aboard spectator boats and on the grass at the finish. People are encouraged to bring a blanket and the kids to enjoy a wonderful day for an excellent cause.

The R’rtI is sponsored by the Tilghman Area Youth Association, a non-profit organization that provides after-school programs, mentoring, tutoring and good, clean fun for the youth of the areas South and West of Bozeman/Neavitt Rd. I am hoping we can raise enough money to fund the beginnings of a youth sailing program here on the island….but that all depends on you.

You can help us achieve this goal by coming out, enjoying the live music by Carter Grant, pulled pork and libation brought to you by the ever supportive local businesses of the Bay Hundred peninsula.

So you want to race? That’s even better! Take advantage of the free dockage for Friday and Saturday nights compliments of The Tilghman on the Chesapeake Yacht Club, the official home of the R’rtI and hopefully the TAYA Youth Sailing Program. The registration form can be found on the official race website.

The forecast is Sunny and a high near 70…


Lady Patty, Out

Cool things happening on and around Tilghman Island

Hey all,

This spring is shaping up to be one of the most exciting times in recent history for our little patch of paradise.  YEAH SPRING!!!

We at Lady Patty are super excited to welcome Eric and Michael of Bay Hundred Restaurant to the Tilghman Island waterfront! I know these guys from previous projects that they have been involved in and am thrilled with the prospect of their talents and hard work being poured into the restaurant. As many of you know, we sail from the slip directly in front of their outdoor deck and bar. This makes us almost family, so Cheers Gentlemen! We look forward to supporting you in any way we can! I suspect that we might spend a little time at your beautiful outdoor bar.

Secondly, the Race ’round the Island on May 4th is shaping up to be a very fun day for sailors, spectators and landlubbers alike. Bring the kiddies down to the Tilghman on the Chesapeake to watch the finish and to join in the celebration of good folks, good music and good times! We hope to raise enough money to finance a youth sailing program for our Tilghman area youth. We feel good about anything that gets our kids out of the house and in to the real world. If you agree, come support our cause!

Lastly, we have partnered up with Lady Patty’s official home Inn and Marina to offer packages for rooms and sailing trips. Check out www.knappsnarrowsmarina.com to see the facilities, rooms and package rates. Their rooms are beautiful, up to date and what I consider the best value in waterfront accommodations on the Bay.

Follow us here on svladypatty.wordpress.com to keep up with all the fun stuff that Lady Patty and our fellow businesses on Tilghman Island have to offer.



Lady Patty Classic Yacht Charters Summer 2013 Sailing Schedule

web_BuyTixBub_lightbackgroundTo check for availability or to purchase tickets on line check out our booking agent ZERVE or call ZERVE at 1.800.979.3370

The 1935 sailing yacht Lady Patty departs from Tilghman Island just 9 rack cardmiles Southwest of St Michaels for the wide open waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

We are offering trips at the following times on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a limited schedule on Sunday:

Morning Charter 10:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Charter 1:00pm-3:00pm

Champagne Sunset Sail  6:30pm-8:30pm

Lady Patty Classic Yacht Charters Spring 2013 Sailing Schedule

web_BuyTixBub_lightbackground To check for availability or to purchase tickets on line check out our booking agent ZERVE or call ZERVE at 1.800.979.3370

The 1935 sailing yacht Lady Patty departs from Tilghman Island just 9 rack card miles Southwest of St Michaels for the wide open waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

We plan to resume charters on or about  April 1st. We will be offering trips at the following times on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a limited schedule on Sunday:

Morning Charter 10:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Charter 1:00pm-3:00pm

Champagne Sunset Sail  5:00pm-7:00pm

Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Oct. 2001cover photo by Jim Tadder

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Oct. 2001
cover photo by Jim Tadder

Last season was rich with great sailing, exciting events and most of all, awesome people to share it with and 2013 promises to be even better.

The Lady Patty will resume operations on or about 1 April. The spring on the Chesapeake Bay can be wet but can also offer some awesome wind and crisp, cool temps for our sailing pleasure. Join us aboard Lady Patty to experience classic yacht sailing at it’s finest on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

The 3rd Annual Elf Classic Yacht Race has been scheduled for May 18th and promises to be even more fun than years one and two. While LP has a full compliment of crew on the books, the race can be enjoyed from another boat, at the dock in Eastport and/or on the grounds of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Whether as racers or spectators, I encourage any and all to take part in the coolest new race of old boats on the Bay!

Lady Patty will be partnering again this year with her beautiful home marina and inn to offer sailing and room packages. Check out Knapps Narrows Inn and Marina for beautiful rooms, incredible views and easy access to the historic yacht, Lady Patty.

Are you wondering why I included a 2001 Chesapeake Bay Magazine cover in this post? I received two very special gifts for Christmas this year. One of which is this beautiful image of Lady Patty’s original wheel as photographed by the incredible photographer, Jim Tadder and featured on the cover of the October 2001 issue. The framed copy was a gift from friends, innkeepers, fellow sailors and previous owners of Lady Patty, Captain Mike and Carol Richards of The Lazyjack Inn and Chesapeake Lights.

I encourage you to check out their charming, waterfront B&B on historic Dogwood Harbor of Tilghman Island, MD.

As always, I appreciate all the support, business and kind words!