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Cool things happening on Tilghman Island and The Lady Patty

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Oct. 2001 cover photo by Jim Tadder

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Oct. 2001
cover photo by Jim Tadder

Ahoy all,

The forecast calls for Partly Sunny skies, temps in the 70s and steady breezes throughout the late week and weekend. In other words, PERFECT!

Grab a sweatshirt or light jacket and join us for a sail on the historic Chesapeake Bay.

Lady Patty will be sailing Thursday through Sunday morning from now until mid-October. This time of year offers some of the most pleasant sailing of the season so join us at one of the following times:

Morning Sail – 10am-12pm, $35 per adult and $20 per kid (12 or younger)

Afternoon Sail – 1pm-3pm , $35 per adult and $20 per kid (12 or younger)

Champagne Sunset Sail – 5:30pm-7:30pm, $45 per person

You can check availability and buy tickets here.

Thanks for checking us out on this wild world wide web.


Lady Patty, Out

This week aboard the classic yacht Lady Patty

IMG_0897smallHello travelers,

Once again, the mid-week looks questionable but Thursday through Saturday are forecast to be pretty awesome.

Here is what’s happening aboard the Lady Patty. After this week, Lady Patty will only be offering public charters from Thursday morning through Sunday morning. Call 410.886.1127 to discuss private charters for Monday – Wednesday.  Tickets for public charters can be purchased here.

Wednesday- Partly sunny, high of 82F winds South 10-15 knots. We have some room aboard out Champagne Sunset Sail from 6-8. 

Thursday-Partly cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm and a chance of rain. High of 88F. Winds from the SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%. The weather is iffy but if it clears up we will be offering our 6-8 Champagne Sunset Sail.

Friday- Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 75F. Breezy. Winds from the NW at 10 to 20 mph. Perfect breeze for Lady Patty. We will be offering our Afternoon Sail from 1-3 and the always popular Champagne Sunset Sail from 6-8.

Saturday-Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 68F. Winds from the NW at 10 to 15 mph. Bring a sweatshirt and join us for a perfect, early fall sail. This is my favorite time for sailing! We have room aboard our Morning Sail from 10-12 however the later two trips are private. There will not be public tickets available.

Sunday-We are not offering sails today. Sorry!

Thanks for checking us out. I hope you enjoy your visit to Tilghman Island.


Lady Patty, Out

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

Full page image from Sail Magazine July 2011

Full page image from Sail Magazine July 2011


Hello travelers,

Thanks for checking us out on the www!  We still have some spots available for this week’s and weekend’s charters. You can check for current availability and buy tickets online here or by call 410.886.1127.

We offer a great list of craft beers, wine and featured cocktails like our Sunset Gold Margaritas made with fresh-squeezed lime and clementine juice.

Check us out on Tripadvisor to see what sets us apart from the rest of the fleet.

Are you wondering where to eat? We highly recommend Mike & Eric’s Bay Hundred Restaurant on Tilghman Island for fine dining food at a casual, waterfront restaurant right in the shadow of the Knapps Narrows drawbridge.

We are sailing at the following times this week:

Wednesday 8/28

Champagne Sunset Sail  6:00-8:00 limited spots left, book soon

Thursday 8/29

Afternoon Sail 1:00-3:00

Champagne Sunset Sail 6:00-8:00

Friday 8/30

Afternoon Sail 1:00-3:00

Champagne Sunset Sail 6:00-8:00

Saturday 8/31

Morning Sail 10:00-12:00

Afternoon Sail 1:00-3:00

Champagne Sunset Sail 6:00-8:00 only a few spots left.

Sunday 9/1

Morning Sail 10:00-12:00

Sorry, the evening charter is private. There are no public tickets being sold.

Monday 9/2

Morning Sail 10:00-12:00

Afternoon Sail 1:00-3:00

Champagne Sunset Sail 6:00-8:00

We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Lady Patty!


Lady Patty, Out

The TAYA Tilghman Island Kayak Rally – August 25th 2013

The Tilghman Area Youth Association is hosting a Kayak Rally on August 25th to benefit this program.  If you know any local kayak enthusiasts or paddle boarders and could forward this message we really would appreciate your support.

The kayaks launch from the Tilghman On Chesapeake Yacht Club at 11:00 on Sunday Aug 25th and paddle 2.5 miles to the Black Walnut Point Inn for a picnic style lunch.  We provide transportation back to the Yacht Club, or experienced paddlers can continue on and circumnavigate the Island.  Rental kayaks are available if reserved in advance and there is also a lunch only option.  Everyone needs to pre-register by Aug 20th.

As a thank you to participants, Lady Patty is giving coupons for 25% off of our ticket price for specially scheduled charters. We have the following trips available for the participants to redeem their coupons:

09/01/2013 – Sunday Morning Sail 10:00-12:00 $35.00 per person ($26.25 after discount)

09/15/2013 – Sunday Morning Sail 10:00-12:00 $35.00 per person ($26.25 after discount)

10/17/2013 – The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race  8:00AM until early afternoon $80.00 person ($60 after discount)

Get more information or redeem your coupon here or by calling 410.886.1127.

This week the weather is PERFECT and the sailing will be GREAT!!! Join us!

LP and the Sharpes Island Lighthouse by Jim TadderHello travelers,

The Spring may have been cool and wet but the Summer is pretty spectacular. We have cooler temps and lower humidity than is usual for July and August so we will take full advantage and sail often.

We will be sailing at the following times Wednesday through Saturday with a limited schedule on Sunday. In the event of light bookings for the morning and afternoon sails we sometimes consolidate those two trips.

Morning Sail  10:00 – 12:00, Afternoon Sail 1:00 – 3:00 & Champagne Sunset Sail 6:30 – 8:30. Click here to check availability or to buy your tickets online.

Wednesday 7/31

It will be partly cloudy, high of 82 with a nice breeze of 7-15 knots from the South.

Thursday 8/1

The day is forecast to be overcast with a chance of rain and T-storms, high of 81 and winds 10-15 knots from the South.

Friday 8/2

Clear in the morning becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. Friday should have perfect sailing breezes with 5-15 knots out of the WNW veering to the SSW late.

Saturday 8/3

High of 82 and partly cloudy. Winds 7-10 knots WNW early then veering to the SW by evening.

Sunday 8/4

Sunday will be partly cloudy, high of 79 with a wonderful 10-15 knots of wind from the NNW.

We will be offering our usual soft drinks and bottled water for sale on board. We also have a great and ever evolving list of libation including craft beers(Mama’s Little Yellow Pils, Dale’s Pale Ale, Ol’ Chub Scotch Ale, Flying Dog’s Atlantic Lager, Brooklyn Brewing Co’s Summer Ale, Blue Mountain Kolsch, Maui Brewing’s Coconut Porter and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale), wine(Treehugger Organic Bianco)and featured cocktails(fresh-squeezed lime juice margaritas and dark and stormys).  Of course champagne is complimentary on out Sunset Sails!

Thanks for checking out our little corner of the world wide web!



Thank you!

Front page coverage for our fundraising event

Front page coverage for our fundraising event

We, at Lady Patty Classic Yacht Charters are proud to have been a part of the 2nd Race ‘Round The Island last Saturday! While we didn’t win or even come close (last place actually) we certainly felt like winners.

We raised almost $1700 dollars for the Tilghman Area Youth Association’s youth sailing program. This modest sum would be put to good use by partially funding the purchase of Optimist sailboats, the perfect boat for a program such as ours.We feel great about that…but the best was yet to come.

After seeing the awesome front page article in the Star Democrat by writer and race crew-member Jennifer Allard we received a call from some very generous Talbot County residents offering us two pristine and fully equipped Optimists with dollys and rack. This amazing gesture exceeded my wildest dreams for our fundraiser. All I can say is thanks to those who helped set up the race/after-party, the racers who took part, the businesses who sponsored, Jennifer for her article and our amazing friends in Oxford for their gift. Thank you! Hopefully we can peak the interest of some of our youth to become the next generation of great, Talbot County sailors.


Lady Patty, Out

Yacht racing on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay

Hello all,

The socks are stowed in a box in the attic and the shorts are back in the drawer. This, my friends marks the beginning of race season for Lady Patty. I can’t think of a better way to start the season than to let the ol’ girl stretch her long legs in the way that she was intended.

So here it is…the first race of the year. The 2nd Race ’round the Island will take place on Saturday, May 4th on and around historic Tilghman Island. There is room aboard spectator boats and on the grass at the finish. People are encouraged to bring a blanket and the kids to enjoy a wonderful day for an excellent cause.

The R’rtI is sponsored by the Tilghman Area Youth Association, a non-profit organization that provides after-school programs, mentoring, tutoring and good, clean fun for the youth of the areas South and West of Bozeman/Neavitt Rd. I am hoping we can raise enough money to fund the beginnings of a youth sailing program here on the island….but that all depends on you.

You can help us achieve this goal by coming out, enjoying the live music by Carter Grant, pulled pork and libation brought to you by the ever supportive local businesses of the Bay Hundred peninsula.

So you want to race? That’s even better! Take advantage of the free dockage for Friday and Saturday nights compliments of The Tilghman on the Chesapeake Yacht Club, the official home of the R’rtI and hopefully the TAYA Youth Sailing Program. The registration form can be found on the official race website.

The forecast is Sunny and a high near 70…


Lady Patty, Out

Shakedown sail this week then Lady Patty and I are ready for the season!

Hey friends,

The Spring has arrived and we are wrapping up the final preps to be ready for an awesome 2013. The only thing that remains is my solo shakedown sail on the fantastically beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

This has become a cherished ritual for me each spring. I look forward to spending many days underway with some super-cool people but before that happens I go it alone, just the old girl and me. I love the opportunity to listen to the boat-sounds, study the rig and dig the cool relationship a sailing vessel has with the world. There is so much going on with the wind, tide, waves, water, rigging, sails, hull and me. It’s really an incredible relationship. I sometimes get caught up in marketing, bookkeeping, maintaining the boat, managing the crew and watching the forecast and the reason I chose this life slips slightly from the forefront on my mind.

The annual spring shakedown lays it all out in clear and concise terms. I love this stuff! There is nowhere I would rather make my living than healed 35 degrees off normal with a rail in the water, rising and falling with the pulse of the elements, the yacht ensign popping in the breeze, the rush of water on the hull and the excitement of my guests getting their first taste or a welcome refresher of life at 8 knots on a 77 year old sailing yacht.

I still can’t believe I get paid for this!

I hope to see you all when I get back but for now, I have a date.



Cool things happening on and around Tilghman Island

Hey all,

This spring is shaping up to be one of the most exciting times in recent history for our little patch of paradise.  YEAH SPRING!!!

We at Lady Patty are super excited to welcome Eric and Michael of Bay Hundred Restaurant to the Tilghman Island waterfront! I know these guys from previous projects that they have been involved in and am thrilled with the prospect of their talents and hard work being poured into the restaurant. As many of you know, we sail from the slip directly in front of their outdoor deck and bar. This makes us almost family, so Cheers Gentlemen! We look forward to supporting you in any way we can! I suspect that we might spend a little time at your beautiful outdoor bar.

Secondly, the Race ’round the Island on May 4th is shaping up to be a very fun day for sailors, spectators and landlubbers alike. Bring the kiddies down to the Tilghman on the Chesapeake to watch the finish and to join in the celebration of good folks, good music and good times! We hope to raise enough money to finance a youth sailing program for our Tilghman area youth. We feel good about anything that gets our kids out of the house and in to the real world. If you agree, come support our cause!

Lastly, we have partnered up with Lady Patty’s official home Inn and Marina to offer packages for rooms and sailing trips. Check out www.knappsnarrowsmarina.com to see the facilities, rooms and package rates. Their rooms are beautiful, up to date and what I consider the best value in waterfront accommodations on the Bay.

Follow us here on svladypatty.wordpress.com to keep up with all the fun stuff that Lady Patty and our fellow businesses on Tilghman Island have to offer.



Join us for the 2nd Race ’round the Island….that’s Tilghman Island

Who: Sailors, race fans and anyone who enjoys a good party

What: It’s a fund raiser for The Tilghman Area Youth Association to finance one or more Optimist sailboats for our youth sailing program on the Island.

Where: Free dockage  at Tilghman on the Chesapeake Yacht Club. The race will start at either G1 or G3 of the river approach or the Bay approach to the Island, depending on the weather.

When: The TOCTC is generously offering free dockage on Friday 5/3 and on Race day 5/4. The captains meeting is at 10AM, the race starts at 11AM and the after-party is…well..after.

Why: Good boats, good people and a great cause!

How: You can register at raceroundtheisland.wordpress.com

There will be limited space aboard Lady Patty for race crew and aboard motor vessels for spectators.  Call 601.307.0398 to find out how to book your spot.

We hope to see you there.